Traysi Chong, LCSW

Traysi Chong

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


LCSW #27944

As a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) with over twenty-five years of experience, I have worked with trauma, medical diagnosis, grief, and mental health. I am also a former perinatal social worker with years of expertise supporting couples managing the stress and fears associated with infertility and pregnancy loss. I am keenly sensitive to the primal pain stemming from traumatic births, surrogacy, NICU admissions, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, and unexpected loss. As a therapist, I foster a strength-based perspective while holding space that allows for safety, transparency, growth, and healing. My purpose is to empower clients through non-possessive warmth, empathy, dignity, support, and respect. Through the therapeutic process, we will cultivate achievable goals, develop coping skills, identify incongruent grief, and strengthen emotional health.

I utilize a variety of therapeutic modalities depending on the individual or couple. I have advanced training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Problem Solving Therapy (PST), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and the parenting interventions of the Nurtured Heart Approach. I hold a BA and MSW from the University of Southern California. In combination with my clinical experience, I have been an adjunct professor with USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work for the last ten years teaching field courses in the Children, Youth, Family & Adult Mental Health, and Wellness departments.

My passion for this vocation is a combination of my post graduate training, medical social work background, and lived experience in my own journey to motherhood. My three children were all conceived through IVF after numerous attempts and losses. Two of my children endured NICU hospitalizations that transformed and nurtured my understanding of the trauma that can be connected with infertility, pregnancy loss, and the less than perfect birth.

My personal self-care is grounded by my passion for yoga and the deep connections I have with my friends and family. I am a certified yoga instructor and embrace the breath, mind, and body connection. I consider it a great privilege to do this work and sincerely look forward to being a part of your wellness journey.