Molly Mazur, APCC

Molly Mazur

Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor


APCC #8451

Supervised by Lorraine Balek-Beeson, LPCC #4057

Every client I’ve worked with has had their own unique story, set of skills, and challenges, and I delight in supporting people with whatever they bring to me. My name is Molly Mazur, and I am a Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, supervised by Lorraine Balek-Beeson, LPCC.

My experience is varied, but has been heavy in trauma work and work with children, parents/caregivers, and families. I have practiced in hospital, clinic, and school-based settings. I have specialized training in Early Childhood Mental Health (age 0-5), and I am trained to work across the lifespan. This means that I am knowledgeable about development from the time someone is in utero and beyond, with understanding of both what that can mean for an individual and for caregivers. My therapeutic approach is eclectic—I have knowledge and experience in various modalities and tailor my approach to each client’s particular personality and needs. Beyond clinical training and experience, I have research experience, and I also have lived experience with reproductive mental health.

If you are reading this, you are likely taking action to attend to your mental health. I know from experience that doing so usually isn’t easy, and I commend you for it. Whether you’re navigating pregnancy and parenting, loss/grief, trauma, reproductive health challenges, challenges with mood or anxiety, family dynamics, adoption, or something else, I look forward to getting to know you and supporting you on that journey! 

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